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Make it Your Own

Build it up how you like it. We design and ride purpose-built bikes. Pick your frame & component colors. Pick your drivetrain. Throw on lights, fenders, a rack. Or keep it simple. It's up to you.

Whatever will make your ride more enjoyable, you let us know. We build to order so that you get to choose your own adventure. Have some fun with it!

Link Bicycles. Internal Gear Hub & Belt Drive bikes. Color Options.

Internal Gearing

At Link, we think a little differently. Especially about gears. While some folks like their gears to be out on display, we prefer to tuck our gears away.

Rain, mud, and snow. No problem. Our gears don't know a thing about it. That translates directly to more ride time, less maintenance. Regardless of riding conditions or weather, you can just pedal...and shift without a second thought. Your bike will always shift.

Internal Gears: Improved Durability & Reliability
We offer a full complement of internal gear solutions, from a 2-speed crank up front to four different internally-geared hubs in the rear. These components replace conventional shifting systems and put all the gears and shifting mechanisms on the inside. Typically, this is achieved through the use of a planetary gear system. Simplified, a "sun" gear at the center drives a series of planetary gears. The size of the sun vs. the planets sets the gear ratio and determines how easy or how hard you have to pedal.

This internal gear system is encased in a sealed metal shell and typically runs in an oil bath or grease. These well-engineered systems are protected from the elements and require no external adjustments. The upshot is that you'll benefit from reliable shifting and longer component lifetime.

Belt Drive

Simple. Clean. Durable. Belt drives are a paradigm shift in cycling. Used for decades in everything from motorcycles, cars, airplanes, and tanks, belts have finally made their way to the bike.

Gates Carbon Drive developed a revolutionary belt system just for cycling. The carbon-fiber belts replace chains, forever eliminating chain grease (and grease stains), as well as chain stretch. The belt and cogs also last longer than a conventional chain system.

Again, low maintenance. Highly durable. Increased ride time.

Gates Carbon Drive belt on Link Bicycles Road bike

Cable Routing

Link frames are designed to support each shifting system that we spec. Like you, we appreciate clean lines and integrated features.

Link Bicycles: Specialized cable routing for Internal Gear Hubs